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A New Era of Grant Reporting: Introducing the "Community Heroes Grant Impact Report"

As we strive for continuous improvement, we're thrilled to share some exciting news regarding our grant reporting process.



Transitioning to a New Grant Reporting Process

Over the past few months, we've been working diligently to revamp our grant reporting process. And now, we're ready to roll our the Community Heroes Grant Impact Report! As the name suggests, this report focuses on showcasing the incredible impact our grantees have within our community. We're looking to bring more awareness to our local nonprofits and inject some fun and engagement into the grant reporting process.

What to Expect?

1. Simplified Reporing: The new report is concise, consisting of just six slides.

2. Community Engagement: This is not just a great tool for you to use with your own donor base, but all grantees will have the opportunity to share their report with our Board of Directors and the broader community at future events. These events will provide a wonderful opportunity to amplify your work and impact in the community.

3. Interactive and Fun: We introduced this format at our Women's Giving Grantmaking Circle event, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive! We're confident you'll enjoy it as much as they did.

Get Started!

Ready to dive in? Below are the resources to help you get started:

Instructional PDF

Click here for information on creating your report.

This PDF provides step-by-step guidance on creating your report, the content to include, and submission details.


We're excited about this new direction, and we believe it will foster stronger connections within our community. Thank you for being the heroes our community needs. We look forward to seeing the remarkable stories of impact you'll share.