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2014 Annual Report

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2015 marked a milestone year.

It was a year of celebration. It was a year to rejoice around the success of our 25th anniversary.
What is a milestone? Webster defines it as: “an important point in the progress or development of something”. When an organization reaches the first 25 years, succeeds and thrives, that constitutes a milestone!

How did we reach this successful milestone? There are many factors that cause an organization to thrive. It all begins with a mission statement. For an organization,board of directors or an individual, a mission statement is what keeps you focused on your goals. It becomes the driving force of your daily work. Good stewardship,a strong and determined board of directors and a supportive community along with a clear mission statement guided the Foundation’s achievements.

It is the mission of the Crown Point Community Foundation to enrich the quality of life in Crown Point and surrounding South Lake County. We do that by connecting donors to local causes that impact the way we work, play and grow in our communities.

As we grow into the next 25 years, the Crown Point Community Foundation will keep its eye on the mission. We will strive to do our best. We will reach new milestones. We will partner with community donors. We will continue to serve and support our nonprofit partners. And we will be a resource for making things better for all.


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Download our 2014 annual report


Annual Report
Annual Report Annual Report